Vision and Mission..?

(i) To bring revolution in information & communication world.

(ii) Collective Total Growth of Top 10 Social Media, Search Engines Websites currently available on Internet is... NOT more than 18 to 22% in the feild of networking, connectivity and the way in which People currently communicate with each other worldwide. Thus, 78% is still in-Dark and is yet to come in limelight.
We can discover & produce a minimum 50% of 78% (balance due) by the end of year 2018; and simultaneously can produce World's 1st Trillion Dollar Tech Company.

(iii) To produce $ 1 Trillion dollar & unlimited opportunities by December 2018 and distribute this among 7.4 billion People; (that comes to more over 10000 Trillion Stranger Pairs) within just few seconds.

(iv) To make Life of 7.4 billion People more better, healthier, happier & prosperous by applying best & maximum use of all tools of information & communication advanced technology.

(v) General belief is that... "Human Fortune is controlled by Some Super Natural Power or God" is all set to create and control Human Life & their Business Fortune by using the advanced tools and resources of technology and artificial intelligence.