Central Idea & Concept

Idea & Concept - 1

""Not only you and your Parents; but, all your Relatives & Friends were 'Strangers'...When, they were first-of-all introduced by someone or before ‘that moment’ -when they 1st personally met each-other" (For instance : Now 'You' & 'Me') or else, you can say the above quote this simple way :
"You and all your Relatives & Friends were 'Strangers' before they 1st met each-other""

Idea & Concept - 2

The whole secret of all achievements and success in Life is... TO CONNECT & MEET WITH... (i) 'The Right Person(s)' (ii) 'At Right Time' (iii) 'At Right Place' to fulfill All or different dreams, desires, needs & requirements of Life, Career & Business.

Idea & Concept - 3

Whatever we look around us and enjoy man-made things in our day to day Life & Business today; everything & all of them were conceived & born by someone’s thought or idea someday.

Idea & Concept - 4

Every single person in this world; and every visible or invisible object in and around universe, is.'unique', 'useful' and of a '1 unit value'.

Idea & Concept - 5

No one in this world has monopoly of 'Idea' or 'Information."An excellent, unique & billion dollar$ worthwhile brilliant idea may inspire from 'Anything'; or may come from 'Anyone', 'Anywhere'.