Q 1) Who is Infoscientist..? What is the Internet World Bank ..?

Ans 1.. Infoscientist is Nickname of Nawal Kumar Roongta. He is Chairman-Founder of Internet World Bank - based at Kolkata City of India

Q 2) Who are the 3 key person associated with this project?

Ans 2.. Founder,Chairman:Mr Nawal Kumar Roongta, Co-Founder,CEO: Mr Sandeep Kulthia, Director: Mr Gautam Soni

Q 3) What actually innovative, valuable & different 'Live Introducer' have..? which NO ONE or NO COMPANY IN THE WORLD have ..?

Ans 3.. Its a combo of social media and search engine where "Live Online Introducers" available 24x7 Online to connect 5 billion people. Our research has power to produce Unlimited Opportunities to change the world for better by using & applying advanced technology tools and artificial intelligence to make 7.4 billion people life better, healthier, happier and prosperous.

Q 4) What Top 10 Search Engines & Social Media websites collectively still not have and not delivering ..?

Ans 4.. Top 10 Search Engines and Top 10 Social Media Websites are NOT having 24x7 Online Available ASSISTANT(s)/GUIDE(s) / HELPER(s) / CONNECTOR(s) / EXPERTS / LIVE INTRODUCER(s). We have invented and discovered its solutions. We cannot share all that here since we do not yet have any business relationship.

Q 5) What are Top+Big drawbacks, problems & missing with Top 10 Search Engines & Social Media websites..?

Ans 5.. (i) Google is just throwing random pool of result for the question or problem asked. To reach and find the very-specific-most-fit-and-accurate answers, solutions and links instantaneously is still a TOUGH and DAUNTING TASK. We have invented and discovered its solutions.
(ii) Facebook & Linkedin has huge data but not an advanced search engine to pin point and filter the data to filter it as per your required parameters. Secondly, world population is more over 7 billion. It has only 1 billion data. We have invented and discovered its solutions.
(iii) Linkedin is taking all your email data @ FREE_of_COST and selling 1 address @ $ 10. LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter paid subscriptions are very costly which majority of People and Companies cannot afford. We have invented and discovered its solutions.
(iv) There are many more things which are confidential and therefore we cannot share all that here since we do not yet have any business relationship.

Q 6) What really & exactly >We are looking for..?

Ans 6.. We are looking for a connoisseur. We finally believe that... Mr. Bill Gates / Mr. Larry Page / Mr. Jeff Bezos / Mr. Mark Zuckerberg / Mr. Larry Ellison are such few Connoisseurs of whom we are big fan & admirer; and are looking for Business Marriage...
We aggressively & disparately look ahead to go for... BUSINESS MARRIAGE with -
(i) Government of India
(ii) Any one from India's Top 5 Industrialists
(iii) Microsoft or Google
Let us clarify... "Money is primarily not in our mind or in our Terms-Conditions-or-Expectations-List. We strongly believe in that...'Things should roll on ahead to reach its goal without any unnecessary delay due to baseless reasons not only that...opportunities should must materialize with group of...
'Right People'; '@ Right Time'; @ 'Right Place'.

Q 7) I am an Investor. Wish to invest in your company Who is authorized & responsible Person to talk or discuss with ..?

Ans 7.. You are most welcome to take an immediate attempt, you are suggested and advised to contact Infoscientist or CEO.

Q 8) I can introduce you to one of my friend who is very resourceful and might invest in your project. What is my...benefit & returns just for introducing & connecting you to 'Mr. Right'..?

Ans 8.. Your question touched our heart because that is the core concept of our idea and research. For us AN INTRODUCER IS MORE THAN GOD. You are most welcome with great respect & assured monetary returns. Please send us an email to contact@infoscientist.name and feel free to write your expectations and conditions. You will get a quick reply.

Q 9) My Question or Doubt is not answered here. What to do ..?

Ans 9.. Welcome ! Send your question or doubt directly to :- contact@liveintroducer.com