An idea born in 1971. Researched & Developed for 47 years. Now, ready to turn into reality.

Idea was inspired from a Dialogue of 1971 Hindi Film - ANAND "badi grand theory hai babu moshay, research karoge to nobel prize milega"

After a long research and discussions between Mr. Nawal Kumar Roongta (Founder, Chairman), Mr. Sandeep Kulthia (Co-Founder, CEO, CFO), Gautam Soni (Director)...the core idea emerged out and the foundation of www.liveintroducer.com took place.

Our idea & research is now complete. It can produce 1 Trillion $ & unlimited opportunities. It has power & potential to prosper the Life of 7.4 billion People worldwide.

Infoscientist saved his Life 4 times and have seen the death very closely. And therefore the Body & Life which he carry now is a SURPLUS BONUS GIFT for him. That’s why he wish to dedicate his remaining Life for the betterment of mankind. He has come out totally beyond the things like... 'Goodwill', 'Recognition', 'Status', 'Name', 'Fame', 'Money' etc.